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AlterG Spotlight: Meet William!

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Meet William! 👋🏼 Will came to the BAC for physical therapy after having pain in his knees with vigorous activity. The focus of PT sessions has been to improve the stability of hypermobile joints by strengthening the muscles above and below the joints, while also attempting to prevent any future complications related to his diagnosis of Chronic Recurrent Multifocal Osteomyelitis (CRMO).

To do this, Will utilizes our AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill™ to run with decreased body weight, limiting the impact on his legs. Will recently set new personal records for strength - with an impressive 40-second hold of the prone extension (“superman”) position, 25-second hold of the supine flexion (“curl up like a ball”) position, and a 39-second “sloth” hold 👏🏼👍🏼

Sloths everywhere are proud of Will, and so are we! 👏🏼👍🏼 Keep up the excellent effort!

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