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Amazing Moms: Meet Annie!

This week in celebration of Mother's Day, the BAC is honoring amazing moms from our community. Today, meet Annie, a proud mama of 3 and co-founder of Solid Biosciences, a company dedicated to developing treatments for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Tell us a little bit about yourself! (We know being a mom is just one of your many roles! Any jobs, hobbies, interests, etc. that you would like to share?) 

I’m originally a Minnesota girl but, after spending over half my life in London, New York, Hong Kong and now Boston, I define home as any place I am with my husband, Ilan, and our three children – Eliya (10), Eytani (8) and Alexy Lulu (5).

I am a proud mama, my kids are all unique, quirky, bright, loving, kind, affectionate and patience-testing! When I’m not with my children, I am working at a biotech company my husband and I co-founded, Solid Biosciences, in Cambridge. Our company is solely focused on developing treatments for Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a devastating muscle-wasting disease that, sadly, our son was diagnosed with in 2012.

Like most mothers I wear many hats – mama, biotech employee, fierce advocate, IEP wiz, honorary nurse, loving wife and unwavering friend. I love to exercise, SoulCycle is my favorite, and compete in an annual all-women triathlon with Jett Foundation’s Gals for Cal – a team of mothers of boys with Duchenne and our incredible friends. I love to travel to visit family and friends and show our kids the world. This past winter we participated in the AMAZING New England Disabled Sports adaptive ski program. It was an incredible opportunity for our whole family to ski together.

What is your favorite "mom moment?"

I have so many favorite mom moments, it’s difficult to choose one. I love our family dinners and going around the table giving each of our ‘highs and lows’ of the day. I love going to the cinema as a family and eating copious amounts of popcorn and Swedish fish; making chicken soup for Shabbat dinner; scratching my kids’ backs when they are trying to fall asleep; watching my girls’ dance recital and cheering my son on at his therapy horseback riding lessons. I love collecting my son from Boston Ability Center, seeing his smile and enthusiasm as he pulls me to the gym to show me the latest swing or to have a cuddle with Stanley ;-). I love bringing up embarrassing topics (right now it’s puberty with my big girl) and making sure my kids know I’m always a safe, no judgement, we can talk about anything kind of mama. My favorite mom moments are when my kids are happy.

What's the best thing about being a mom?

The best thing about being a mom is a greater sense of perspective in life and the magnitude of knowing I play a role in shaping the lives of three extraordinary human beings. Even on my most tired, cranky days, my kids still say, ‘you are the best mama in the whole world ever.’ I suspect that will change when they hit the teenage years but I’m soaking it up while I still can. Being a mom is genuinely the greatest thing in the world, my kids fill up my soul and make me a better person.

What is your biggest wish for your children?

I want my kids to be happy and kind. I wish for my children to live long, full lives and for our family to continue to thrive, communicate, love each other fiercely and care about what’s important in life and ignore the bullshit. [Can I say that?]


Photo shows Annie and her three children smiling on a boat.

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