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Complimentary Parent Support!

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Welcome back to Wellness Wednesday at the Boston Ability Center! This week, we are thrilled to announce a new offering to support the well-being of your child and family. In partnership with the BAC, Elvira Fulchino will be offering complimentary parent support via virtual/phone meetings. A licensed social worker and occupational therapist, Elvira worked with children and families at the Boston Ability Center for many years until her recent retirement. Please read her letter to families below! Please note that this service is available to families regardless of whether they are currently receiving services at the Boston Ability Center!

Hello Boston Ability Center families,

I hope that all of you are well. In these unusual times when we are all being called upon to dramatically alter the structure of our daily lives, the connections we have with one another become more important than ever. In partnership with the Boston Ability Center, I’d like to offer complimentary parent support via virtual/phone meetings. Some of you may be familiar with me and for others, I am a new face. I have been working with children and their families at the Boston Ability Center since the center opened until my recent retirement and I am licensed as a Social Worker and an Occupational Therapist.

We are offering 30-minute meetings as an opportunity to discuss and problem-solve concerns you may have for your child and family. If you are interested in scheduling a meeting or would like more information, please email

I look forward to “meeting” each of you in this endeavor as we work together to help children and families cope in these uncertain times.



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