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Intensive Therapy Camp: Week One

Week One of the Boston Ability Center's Intensive Therapy Summer Camp is a WRAP! This program features of combination of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and/or speech-language sessions PLUS a group component, in which children engage in traditional summer camp activities alongside their peers.

Sneak a peek "Under the Sea" as we share with you a summary of our first week!

Monday: We started off with a beach ball parachute game. This was a fun way for everyone to get to know camp friends and come together as a group. We worked together to keep beach balls on the parachute, bounce beach balls off of the parachute, make fast and slow "waves," etc. Each camper also took a turn standing under the parachute or sitting on top of the parachute while their friends made waves. For our fine motor activity, we worked to save ocean animals from frozen blue shaving cream! Some campers used their hands to grasp the ocean animals while others used materials such as tongs, pipettes, and scoops.

Tuesday: For our gross motor activity, we worked in pairs to "feed" a giant cardboard shark! One camper stood on a balance board and squatted down to retrieve shark food (bean bags) from the ground, then passed the food to their partner to run and feed to the shark on the other side of the gym. We then made colorful ocean animal clay figures using model magic! Campers worked to roll out the clay with a rolling pin, cut out a desired shape with cookie cutters, and pick up small sequins, beads, and googly eyes to place on their animal.

Wednesday: In the gym, we played a game of "fishy fishy, cross my ocean!" Campers took turns being "fish" and racing across the gym to the other side of the ocean, or being "sharks" and trying to tag the "fish" as they ran across. We also tried crossing the ocean using different types of movements such as jumping or walking backwards. For our craft, we made paper plate/tissue paper fish. Campers helped to squeeze glue, pick up pieces of tissue paper, rip tissue paper, etc. We ended the day with a game of ocean animal bingo.

Thursday: Our gross motor activity on this day was an obstacle course to build a "sand castle" out of large cardboard blocks. Campers completed obstacles such as stepping up/down stacked mats, weaving around cones, stepping over bumpy "rocks," jumping over noodles, stepping over hurdles, etc. For our craft, we made jellyfish sensory bottles. Campers helped to fill bottles with water, food coloring, shells, and glitter before adding their jellyfish. We then decorated the bottles with ocean stickers! We ended the day with a game of musical "hot potato."

Friday: To finish off the week we played a game of "musical fish" in the gym. Obstacles were set up in a large circular track around the gym, and campers had to move around the track going over, under, and around obstacles while music played. When the music stopped, everyone had to freeze! Finally, we did some bubble wrap painting to make colorful starfish. Campers painted colorful patterns onto large pieces of bubble wrap and then stamped their starfish onto the bubble wrap to create designs.

We're so proud of our campers!

We can't wait to see what new adventures Week Two will bring!

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