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New year, new fun facts! Part 1

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

In honor of the New Year, we’d like to introduce you to the BAC staff and share some fun tidbits to help you get to know us better! 👋🏼 They’re often the first faces you see when you walk in the, first up - meet our FRONT DESK team! We asked them, “What’s your favorite food?”⁣ 😋

From left to right - ⁣ Louisa (not pictured): bacon 🥓 ⁣ Holly: tacos 🌮 ⁣ Jill: pickles 🥒 ⁣ Krista: seafood 🦞 ⁣ Natalie: tacos 🌮 ⁣ Callie: tacos 🌮 ⁣ We’re sensing a pattern here...clearly, if you want to make the front desk team’s day, BRING THEM ALL THE TACOS! (Fish tacos! 😍 Bacon tacos! 🤔 Pickle tacos...? 🙃)

Interested in starting services at the Boston Ability Center? Our front desk team is here to help! Click HERE to learn how to get started!

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