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Pediatric intensive therapy camp

modified constraint induced movement therapy Summer camp

The Boston Ability Center is happy to announce our 2024 intensive therapy camp for children ages 3-10 with hemiplegia.

Constraint Induced Movement Therapy Pediatric Therapy Summer Camp

july 29th - august 16th

Monday - Friday

9am - 12pm

Two 1-hour individual therapy sessions

1 hour of camp

BAC Natick

10 Tech Circle

Available at the link below on Monday 1/8/24 at 12 noon on a first come, first served basis
Deposit due at time of registration

If your child has not participated in BAC Intensive Therapy Camp previously, please note that a screening call with a BAC clinician is required prior to registration to ensure that camp is the right fit for your child therapeutically. Please email to schedule a screening call or to inquire about pricing.

Constraint Induced Movement Therapy Pediatric Therapy Summer Camp


  • Small groups of 4-6 children allow for social interaction and peer modeling

  • Camp programming designed and led by dedicated and experienced OT and PT staff members with camp assistance provided by trained students

  • Option for child to participate in Modified Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (mCIMT) or bimanual therapy, with onsite casting provided if needed

  • Two consecutive 1-hour individual OT and PT sessions, followed by one hour of camp activities

  • Specifically designed activities targeting upper and lower extremity strength, range of motion and fluidity as well as fine and gross motor skills for success with daily activities

  • A comprehensive home exercise program will be created based on your child’s individual needs and goals

  • Insurance (BCBS/Allways) or self-pay financing options



  • Modified Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (mCIMT): Upper extremity rehabilitation of the neurologically impaired arm, involving constraint of the non-affected upper extremity in combination with intensive therapy

  • Hand-Arm Bimanual Intensive Therapy: Aims to improve the use and coordination of both arms used together in daily function

  • Life Gait: Use of overhead suspension system to support part or all of a child's body weight during functional activities and gait training

Constraint Induced Movement Therapy Pediatric Therapy Summer Camp
Constraint Induced Movement Therapy Pediatric Therapy Summer Camp with Stanley the Therapy Dog
Constraint Induced Movement Therapy Pediatric Therapy Summer Camp
Constraint Induced Movement Therapy Pediatric Therapy Summer Camp

From the mother of a four-year-old camp participant...


"Our son had a fantastic time at the BAC summer camp again this year. It’s the second year he’s attended, and he made even more progress than we could have hoped. The interdisciplinary team of therapists who worked with him were absolutely wonderful. He always had great things to say about the creative activities they integrated into the day. Even though he had lots of therapy throughout each day, he always came home talking about how much fun he had. We’ll definitely be sending him back to camp next summer!"

From a mother of a four-year-old camp participant...

"Our daughter loves the intensive camps so much!  We love that she gets two hours of one-on-one therapy, and she loves all of the fun camp activities (especially arts and crafts) and meeting new friends.  And as a mom of a child with unique needs, it’s so wonderful to let her have a camp experience in a safe environment, while she’s also working hard.  She can’t wait until the next camp!" 

From the mother of a seven-year-old camp participant...

"My son attended the 3 week 2019 summer session of the BAC Intensive Camp; he thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this camp. This opportunity had a tremendously positive impact on him. Being with other kids, adults, build endurance/ strength, having it every day enabled him to make significant physical gains. He enjoyed socializing with his peers and interacting with their amazing, caring staff so much so that he did not even notice how much work he was putting into his therapy sessions.  What I imagined to be a realistic goal for the end of the 3 weeks was accomplished in 3 days. I think BAC is a wonderful model... that everyone communicates with everyone and it's a whole team approach this really benefits each child. The amount of attention to detail for each child was obvious. The kids looked like they had a great time!"

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