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Boston Ability Center Sensory Gym

Intensive Therapies

Pediatric Intensive Therapy Camp
  • 45 minute treatment sessions provided 3-5 times per week

  • Specialized treatment program including iLS, Therapeutic Listening®, IM®, CIMT, or Lite Gait®

  • Traditional OT, PT, Speech, or Feeding therapies with increased frequency

  • Home programs included to maximize child's progress

  • Intensive therapy sessions typically offered during February and April vacation weeks as well as during 3 week periods in May, June, and July

  • Scroll down to learn more about each of the intensive therapy programs provided at the Boston Ability Center!



  • We will provide intensive therapy for your child with hemiplegia in order to improve arm and hand use for success with everyday skills.

  • Children will work directly with our experienced OTs and PTs, using repetition, skilled techniques, and motivating activities to improve the precision and fluidity of functional skills.

  • This intensive therapy model includes casting you child's dominant arm with a  customized cast or splint in order to improve mobility, lengthen tight or spastic muscles, increase strength and improve hand function in the affected upper extremity.

  • Therapy services are typically provided via two consecutive 45-minute occupational and physical therapy sessions, 3-5 times per week for 2-3 weeks.

  • A comprehensive home exercise program will be created based on your child's individual needs and goals.

  • Constraint-induced movement therapies are supported by research to be effective with lasting improvements.

  • Also check out BAC's mCIMT summer camp for children ages 3-10!



Work with one of our clinicians to choose an intensive that best meets your child's needs.  Therapy intensives can be done over vacation weeks or anytime throughout the year, 3-5 times per week for 1-6 weeks.  Intensive therapies can lead to remarkable results in a shorter amount of time than traditional weekly therapy! This format of treatment can also be used as a way to jump start progress when starting therapy services or provide a boost if a child's progress has slowed within the traditional weekly therapy model. 

Constraint Induced Movement Therapy Boston (CIMT)



  • Individualized listening programs can enhance your child's ability to process sensory input and develop fine motor, visual motor, motor planning, postural control and coordination skills

  • The Boston Ability Center offers both Integrated Listening and Therapeutic Listening Systems®

  • Treatment plans are individualized to meet targeted goals

  • May include use of home rental system



  • Interactive Metronome® (IM) is a computer based treatment to improve motor planning, timing and attention

  • Treatment sessions include interactive games to motivate children of all ages

  • Children work to time movements in sync with the beat of a metronome

  • May include use of home rental system



  • Use of overhead suspension system supports part or all of a child's body weight during functional activities

  • Partial weight supported therapy for improved positioning while in quadruped, sitting, or standing positions

  • May be used over the treadmill or floor to improve walking

  • Provides cardiovascular activity for children with mobility impairments

Integrated Listening System iLS
Interactive Metronome
Pediatric Lite Gait

To see if an intensive therapy program might be the right fit for your child, please
call 781-239-0100 or email us to speak with one of our clinicians. Ready to get started? Click below to register.

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