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Clinic Aides, Volunteers, and Interns

Thank you for your interest in the Boston Ability Center! We love meeting individuals at various points in their academic and professional careers who show a keen interest in the work that we do. The Boston Ability Center has a variety of positions and opportunities available that are well-suited for individuals considering a career in Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech and Language Pathology, and many other related disciplines. Several of our interns and clinic aides have later become BAC staff! We invite you to read through the descriptions below and contact us if these opportunities are of interest to you.

Clinic aide summer camp volunteer
Clinic aide CIMT Constraint Induced Movement Therapy
Clinic Aide
Clinic Aide CIMT Constrait Induced Movement Therapy Skittle experiement


If you are a current OT, PT, or SLP graduate student seeking a clinical placement, contact should be made via your school to our clinical leads.


We unfortunately do not currently offer any volunteer opportunities at the BAC and will update this page if that changes at any time. The Boston Ability Center partners with a non-profit organization called One Night Out that provides free babysitting events for children with special needs and their siblings. If you are interested in volunteering with One Night Out, please email to learn more.


  • These positions are paid and range from part-time (1 day/week) to full-time (32-40 hours/week). We ask for a commitment of at least one semester.

  • Our clinic aides provide support to our clinicians via cleaning/organization, material prep, some administrative type duties, and hands-on help during sessions as needed. 

  • At this time, we unfortunately do not have any paid clinic aide positions open. If you are interested, however, please email your information and resume to MacKenzie Rickert ( We are always eager to meet individuals who are interested in joining our team and would be happy to keep your information on file and reach out if a position becomes available. We often have openings at the start of each season.

INTERNSHIPS (read about one of our intern's experiences here!)

  • The Boston Ability Center is happy to provide internships to students who are able to affiliate their internship with their high school or university. This can be in the form of earning course credit, completing an independent study, interning as a project for a course, etc. If you are interested in an internship, please first check with your school to see if this is a possibility!

  • Interns provide support to all clinicians (OT, PT, and Speech) via cleaning/organization, material prep, some administrative type duties, and hands-on help during sessions as needed. 

  • Internships are typically a minimum of 60 hours and are most commonly aligned with our intensive therapy camps or all-abilities summer camp when completed during the summer months (primarily in August but sometimes in July). Other internships may be available throughout the year as well.

  • If you are interested in an internship, please discuss this possibility with your school, and from there email MacKenzie Rickert ( with your availability as well as a copy of your resume and the number of hours you are hoping to complete during an internship.



We are unfortunately unable to offer job shadowing opportunities at this time, however our clinic aide position provides hands-on experience working with pediatric OTs, PTs, and SLPs for students who are interested in these professions. If you are interested in being contacted any time clinic aide positions become available, please email your resume to

Job Shadowing Volunteer
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