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Evaluation Process

Prior to your child's evaluation, we also ask that you complete all registration forms which can be found at the link below. At this time, we are doing all paperwork electronically to limit interactions and reduce the spread of germs during COVID-19. If you have any questions regarding these forms, please contact our front desk team and we would be happy to help you! Registration forms must also be filled out at least 1 week prior to your child's evaluation.


Evaluation Process

Our evaluation process begins with an intake, which can be done via phone by calling our front desk team (781-239-0100) or by filling out the intake form found at the link below.

Once your child's initial evaluation is scheduled, we ask that you please fill out a developmental summary by following the link below. A developmental summary should be filled out at least 1 week prior to a child's evaluation as they give the evaluating clinician a well rounded picture of your child before meeting for the first time. 

Last, it is appreciated if you can also email any evaluations your child may have participated in at another facility prior to his or her first visit at the Boston Ability Center. You can also include a copy of your child's IEP, neuropsychological testing, or any other reports that you feel would be beneficial for the evaluating clinician to review prior to your child's first appointment. All documents can be faxed to 781-239-0102 or emailed to

We ask that if your child is comfortable separating from you for treatment that he/she do so, that way we can begin forming therapist/child rapport right from the beginning! If you would like to observe or foresee your child having trouble separating for the evaluation, please just let us know and we will accomodate as needed. 

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