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Early Childhood Therapy

Is your child receiving Early Intervention?

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Early childhood therapy at the BAC can supplement your child's Early Intervention services!


We often receive the question "Is my child too young to be seen at the Boston Ability Center?" The answer? No! Our experienced clinicians are well trained in treating even the youngest of clients, particularly those in the birth to three range! Our therapists work very closely with Early Intervention (EI) and other services providers to ensure coordinated, collaborative care across settings starting at an early age. 

While we continue to provide engaging treatment and parent education via teletherapy, both of our clinics are also open and offering in-person physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language therapy, and/or feeding therapy evaluations and ongoing appointments. We also offer various intensive therapy programs. We understand the importance of providing quality, hands-on intervention to your child during critical periods of early development. Our team of skilled clinicians is able to conduct comprehensive evaluations that focus on specific areas of your child's development, including areas related to motor development, language, social, emotional, and behavioral well-being, self-help skills, and much more! We commonly work with children with diagnoses including (but not limited to):

  • Autism

  • Down Syndrome

  • Language Disorders

  • Intellectual Disabilities

  • Global Developmental Delay

  • Neuromuscular Disorders

  • And more!

With a family-centered approach, you and your child's caregivers will be actively involved in your child's treatment, allowing for education, collaboration and the promotion of optimal home-carryover while helping your child to develop skills and achieve their therapeutic goals as quickly as possible (with plenty of fun along the way!). ​These services may be covered by your current insurance plan and can often provide an important supplement to other services that your child may receive, such as Early Intervention. 

If your child under three... 

  • is not reaching age-appropriate milestones 

  • is diagnosed with certain physical, emotional, or cognitive condition(s) that may result in a developmental delay

  • has a medical / biological or social / environmental history which may put the child at risk for a developmental delay 


Call 781-239-0100 or email our front desk team to get started! We would be happy to put you in touch with a clinician to discuss your concerns and guide you through the process of initiating services. 

The first few years of childhood are a sensitive period in the development of a child. This is when the parents learn how best to nurture and support their child and adapt the support as the child grows. Parents get to lay the foundation for the child's adolescence and beyond for physical health, cognitive functioning, self-regulatory and behavioral capacities, and social abilities.

Unfortunately, many children today undergo a lot of stress during these critical years. These stressors may often cause various impairments and developmental difficulties that get in the way of healthy development.

Early childhood therapy is a form of an intervention designed to ease the factors impairing a child's development and lower the risk of impeded growth.

What is Early Childhood Therapy?

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines Early Childhood Therapy or Intervention as services and supports provided to babies and young children with developmental challenges, delays, and disabilities.

Early Childhood Therapy helps children with developmental difficulties, delays, and disabilities such as:

  • Delay in crawling or walking

  • Delay in uttering first words or speech articulation

  • Neuromuscular and fine motor skills disorders

  • Difficulties in speech, language, intellectual growth, and writing during early schooling years.

  • Global Developmental Delay

  • Difficulties in socializing and interacting with other children

  • Various diagnosed conditions including cerebral palsy, down syndrome, and Autism Spectrum Disorder


Our Early Childhood Therapy service also covers the family of the child and may include:

  • Speech and language therapy

  • Physical therapy

  • Occupational therapy

  • Feeding therapy

  • Intensive therapy


Early Childhood Therapy has a significant impact on the child's ability to overcome various growth challenges, learn new skills, and even succeed in school and life. At the Boston Ability Center, therapists work closely with parents and trained and experienced clinicians to assist children with various challenges.

Quality, hands-on intervention to the child during early development is critical to the child's development. We use a family-centered approach as it has proven most effective in helping young children develop essential skills and achieve their therapeutic goals faster.

The Benefits of Early Childhood Therapy

Here are the core benefits of Early Childhood Therapy.

1. Early Childhood Therapy offers the child an opportunity for a better life

A child's brain goes through a period of rapid development in the first two years after birth. This is a period when the brain forms new and most important pathways and connections.

The development shows in the large number of skills the child learns during this time. The most notable are learning to walk, recognizing faces and objects, understanding words, talking, eating, solving problems, and even using tools. These, and more skills, are the building blocks for continued growth and development into adulthood.

Early Childhood Therapy helps the child harness this period of natural rapid brain development. Professional therapists help them maximize their growth progress and potential and increase the opportunities to lead a normal good life.

2. Reduce the need for specialized support during later years

Early Childhood Therapy is effective in helping your child make progress in reaching age-appropriate developmental milestones. When their difficulties are identified and addressed early enough, it helps the child better interact with other family members and other children. The treatment significantly reduces the chances of the child needing specialized support later on.

3. Empowers parents and families to help the child live their best life

The family-centered approach of Early Childhood Therapy benefits the parents and family members as much as it does the child. Professionals provide the support, education, and guidance needed to understand the child's needs better. The service goes a long way to build confidence and empower the family members to better advocate for and support the child.

4. Opportunity to interact with other parents whose children face the same challenges

Parents can easily feel isolated and lost when they first learn that their child has a developmental delay or disability. Getting professional Early Childhood Therapy is a great opportunity to learn that these challenges are quite common.

At Boston Ability Center, parents get the opportunity to link up with other parents with children facing similar challenges. They can then support each other, form playgroups, or even parent social support groups that benefit their children.


Is my child too young to get help at the Boston Ability Center?

No child is too young to receive an Early Childhood Therapy service. It is recommended that you bring in your child for a comprehensive evaluation at the earliest opportunity because the sooner the challenges they face are addressed, the higher the chances of them overcoming them.

Which Early Childhood Therapy services are offered at the Boston Ability Center?

Boston Ability Center offers a range of essential therapy services depending on the needs of the child. We have a team of skilled clinicians and therapists who will evaluate the child and determine the specific area of development in which they need assistance.

How do I know my child needs Early Childhood Therapy?

Bring your child to BAC if they are age three years or younger yet:

  • Has not reached age-appropriate milestones

  • Has been diagnosed with a physical, emotional, or cognitive condition that may impair their development

  • Has a biological, medical, social, or environmental history that puts them a risk of developmental delay


Will my insurance cover Early Childhood Therapy?

Your current insurance plan may cover the services offered at the Boston Abilities Center. The services are also invaluable in supplementing any other treatments your child may receive, such as Early Intervention.

Early Childhood Therapy in Boston, MA

As a parent, you are expected to monitor your child through the first years of development closely. Should you notice any developmental delays or disabilities of concern, consult a professional immediately. Contact Boston Abilities Center at 781-239-0100 or email our front desk team to talk to a clinician about Early Childhood Therapy and find out whether your child needs it.

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