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A "Feel Good" kind of Friday

Looking for a little inspiration on this winter morning? We ❤️hearing about people having a positive impact on our world! Here are a few fun stories to get you through the day :)

Meet ‘Lego Grandma,’ a woman in Germany who creates functional wheelchair ramps using the colorful plastic bricks 👏

Check out this premier dance company that is on a mission to teach ballet to children with disabilities 👍

Have you heard of this #superdad who tracked down parts to create a custom Nintendo Switch controller for his 9-year-old daughter who has hereditary spastic paraplegia? Now she's all set to play Zelda just like all her friends! Click HERE for the full story!

And last but certainly not least... a multimillion-dollar "LifeTown" set to open in New Jersey, with the goal of providing children and adults with special needs a supportive environment in which to learn life skills... amazing!

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