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Drumroll please...

📆 Mark your calendars! The Boston Ability Center is hosting its very first sensory-friendly family movie night! Join us for a screening of Toy Story 4 on Friday, November 8th at BAC Natick. 🎥🍿

Sensory-friendly means...⁣

🎥The lights will be turned up and the sound will be turned down⁣

🎥We’ll provide flexible seating and sensory supports - think weighted blankets, headphones, fidgets, beanbags⁣

🎥Silence isn’t necessarily golden! Audience members can get up and move, sing, make noise, dance...we’ll even set up smaller, quieter rooms for individuals who need to take a break ⁣

🎥Your entire family gets to relax and enjoy a movie in an understanding, supportive environment♥️⁣

Click HERE to register for this special event. To infinity...and beyond!🚀

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