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Greetings From Our Nation’s Capital

Greetings from our nation’s capital where I am attending this year’s physical therapy 2019 Combined Sections Meeting! In today’s program I had the opportunity to refresh my knowledge on the vestibular system, with a particular focus on deficits and pathologies that can affect the children we treat at the BAC. The vestibular system is located in and around the inner ear and receives input from our surroundings, keeping us from falling or getting nauseous when riding in a car. Physical therapists who are well versed in the treatment of vestibular disorders are able to work with kids who have lost function due to congenital issues, drug treatments for cancer, or concussions. Treatment often involves desensitizing dizziness, balance training, and visual stabilization that can be achieved in a variety of creative ways. At the BAC,  treatment can be made more fun for children with the use of physioballs, swings, balance beams, and zip lines. Keep checking this feed for resources on the vestibular system as well as signs and symptoms that a child can present with. More info coming soon from Washington DC!

Mr. Brian

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