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Uplifting News

We love reading and watching about the many ways people are working to make our world more accessible to all! Here are just a few examples we've come across recently and wanted to share!

#2. Carnival Cruise Line becoming certified as "sensory inclusive," making it the first cruise line to consider the needs of people on the Autism spectrum and others with sensory sensitivities

#3. Geoff Babb's invention of a new all-terrain wheelchair that he's now pitching to tourism companies that lead adventure trips for people with disabilities

#4. Comcast now offering customer service in ASL, which is a first for the cable industry!

#5. Malls opening early so children with Autism can meet Santa in a calm setting

#6 TDF offering "touch tours" and Autism friendly performances to make the arts more accessible to all

Now if THAT didn't make you smile, we're not sure what will :)

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