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We're smiling because...

It's almost Friday!! Here are a few things that made us smile recently at the BAC to help get you through the end of the week :)

#1. Congratulations to this creative graduate of speech-language therapy, who gave his clinician this CARD (not cawd!) to say thank you! We are so proud of you! 🥳

#2. We ❤️our furry, four-legged friends! (And they seem to ❤️the swing just as much as the kids!)

#3. This smiley friend who enjoyed a little BAC gym-time with Family Resources of Natick! (Side note! If you and/or your organization are interested in collaborating with the Boston Ability Center for an open gym event, please give us a call... we love sharing our space with community groups!)

#4. Seeing BAC physical therapist, Brian, joining Team Verge and some BAC friends for a Sunday of training! We think he's ready for his first marathon :)

#5. These MEGA bubbles BAC OT, Meg, made using nothing more than dish soap, water, and the top of a plastic bottle! #creativity

#6. Seeing these hardworking boys using TEAMWORK while coming together to play at the BAC. These kiddos know that many hands make light work when it comes to achieving their goal of building an awesome obstacle course 👍🏼

What made YOU smile this week?!

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