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Welcome back, Megan!

The Boston Ability Center is proud to have partnerships with local universities that have some of the best allied health programs in the country. We look forward to the opportunity to train graduate clinicians who show the same passion for working with kids as our own clinical staff. Please join us in welcoming Megan to our team as she completes her doctoral clinical experience in Occupational Therapy! 

Megan is an occupational therapy graduate student who is completing her doctoral project in Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy at the Boston Ability Center. Megan received her Bachelor’s degree in economics from Duke University in 2008 and worked as a high school, middle school, and upper elementary teacher in Boston, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Cayman Islands. In 2015, Megan volunteered at the Boston Ability Center’s Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy camp where she developed a passion for occupational therapy. The following year, she enrolled at Boston University’s doctoral program in occupational therapy. She is excited to return to the Boston Ability Center for the summer to finish her degree and work with the wonderful kiddos and staff!

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