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1 paper towel roll, 13+ activities!

Hey you! We know Earth Day is right around the corner, but before you take out the recycling ♻️, snatch that paper towel roll and start PLAYING! How many ways can you think of to use a paper towel roll?! 🤔 We decided to put Katie to the test….

✅Motor planning ✅Fine motor ✅Visual motor ✅Gross motor ✅Ideation ✅Sensory exploration ✅Visual perception ✅Oral motor

…. all from a paper towel roll! Got some other ideas or try any of these out at home? 💡 Share a comment or pic with us below! #bacanywhere

Did you know that April is Occupational Therapy month? We’re thankful for the creativity our OTs show in making the hard work of therapy FUN and engaging for our patients, from the use of specialized equipment to something as simple as a paper towel roll! 👍

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