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Burger Bash and Fruit Frenzy

Happy #FeedingFriday! Wondering what our Food Explorers have been up to this season?

This Food Explorer was comfortable eating beef burgers 🍔...but he learned in Food Explorers group that he loves chicken and turkey burgers, too! (He was even seen sneaking some bites off his friends’ plates 😋)

He also SKY ROCKETED up the steps to eating this week by touching his cheeks, lips, teeth, and tongue to different fruits! 🍓🍊🍋🥝🍇🍉 We are so proud of this brave boy!

What are the "steps to eating," you may ask? Most people think there are very few steps to eating - you just put a piece of food in your mouth, chew, and swallow...right? BAC therapists know that there are actually over THIRTY (yes, that’s 3-0 😱) steps to eating! ⁣Some steps to eating include: tolerating being in the same room as food, interacting with the food, smelling the food, touching the food, and tasting the food. ⁣

Click HERE to learn more about BAC's feeding groups and individual feeding therapy offerings!

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