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Empathy, kindness... and storytime!

Huffpost recently shared a list of 35 children's books that teach empathy and kindness. We loved this list so much we just HAD to share!

Did you know...

  • Science has shown that kindness is contagious! Doing kind acts literally changes the chemistry of the brain and encourages us to pay it forward. Even just watching kind acts can have a similar impact!

  • Empathy has been shown to start developing in infants as early as 3 months old?

"You don't have to start a nonprofit to be kind, you can do one small act every day. There's wonderful research that talks about people who do one small act every day and the changes in them and the changes in their community are remarkable." - Dr. Dale Atkins

We've read many of these books in our social groups! Find out more information about our groups by clicking HERE or by emailing social group leaders Katie Meister (OT) at and Anna Harris (SLP) at

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