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Group Spotlight: Food Explorers!

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

food crafts

Wondering what to do with those pumpkins on your porch now that Halloween has come and gone? 🎃Our Food Explorers have some ideas!💡⁣

🎨Paint your pumpkin - but instead of using paint, use food! Yogurt, pudding, applesauce - anything goes. And as for the guessed it - use food! Celery sticks, pepper slices, baby corn...have fun being creative! ⁣

👅"Glue" foods onto the pumpkin by licking them and sticking them - the kiddos above added toothpicks to keep it all in place!⁣

🎃Don't forget about the inside! Crack open your pumpkins and dive in for a multi-sensory experience. ⁣

The next round of our Food Explorers group begins the week of November 18th. Visit if you're interested in registering your picky eater 🥩🍑🧀🥗🍆🍳

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