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Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

March 2nd is the birthday of Dr. Seuss, and we'll take any excuse for a celebration! 🎉🎂Dr. Seuss trading cards and coloring pages galore! But most importantly, have you ever played “The Cat in the Hat: I Can Do That!” game? It’s an activity-filled card game in which you flip over three cards to create a new challenge each time! ⁣👍🏼

We use this game at the Boston Ability Center to work on motor planning skills - in other words, the ability to observe and understand a motor task (ideation), plan out an action in response to the task (organization), and carry out the task in the correct sequence from beginning to end (execution). In other OTHER’s problem-solving - with your body! 🤔💡💪🏾

What's your family's favorite Dr. Seuss book?

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