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Happy Physical Therapy Month!

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

October is National Physical Therapy Month! 💙 We are so excited to spend this month celebrating the profession of physical therapy (especially the BAC’s talented team of PTs!) and increasing public awareness of the benefits of PT for children. ⁣

Let's kick it off by introducing our newest graduate student, Neily! 👋🏼

Neily is completing her doctorate degree in physical therapy through the Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions. ⁣She received her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology from the Pennsylvania State University in 2017. Her passion for pediatric physical therapy comes from a long history of caring for children and leading different sports camps. ⁣

Neily is very excited to join the Boston Ability Center for 14 weeks as her final clinical affiliation. Her prior affiliations include Professional Physical Therapy in Salem and Spaulding Rehab Hospital’s pediatric floor in Boston. In her spare time, you’ll likely find Neily heading to the beach with friends or trying new restaurants in Boston.

And now, let's hear from our wonderful team of PTs who shared their stories and motivation behind their careers:

“One of the reasons why I love being a pediatric PT is because I have the opportunity to help families problem-solve through difficult situations. I also love to find creative ways to encourage children to do PT activities.”

- Jenna Raheb, PT, DPT, PCS

“One of my favorite aspects of being a pediatric physical therapist is watching kiddos achieve their motor milestones and goals. The joy and happiness parents have when they see their child crawl, walk, or jump for the first time is wonderful to witness. I have the opportunity each day to make a difference in these children’s lives by increasing their mobility, independence, and their overall self-confidence.”

- Jenna Szilagyi, PT, DPT

“Like a lot of physical therapists, I knew I wanted to join the profession after I had received PT as a kid in high school. I busted my knee playing soccer and had a very friendly and motivating guide to get me back to running and playing all the sports I loved. This experience, combined with my early jobs coaching kids and helping with after school programs, led me to pediatric physical therapy.⁣

I’ve immensely enjoyed seeing the progress that kids can make with a little guidance that incorporates their inherent imaginative play and motivation. My favorite part of being a physical therapist is seeing the pride kids take when showing their parents the new skills and activities they can do.”

- Brian Heilferty, PT, DPT

“Being a PT for 20 years, I have witnessed so many amazing moments with my patients. Some of the most memorable moments are seeing a child sit up for the first time, take his or her first steps, or learn to ride a bike! I truly treasure these moments with the children and families I work with and I am so grateful to be in a profession that I love!”

- Carolyn Graham, PT, M.S., PCS

Interested in learning more about how our physical therapists can support your child's development? Visit our website or email to be connected with one of our clinicians!

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