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National Cheeseburger Day... BAC Style!

When the BAC OT department found out that today was National Cheeseburger Day 🍔our clinicians were up for the creative challenge! ⁣

🍔Postural control: navigating an obstacle course to get to McDonalds, including balance beams, bosu balls, and a bumpy boat swing ride⁣

🍔Fine and visual motor skills: cutting out different shapes for a build-your-own burger craft ⁣

🍔Motor planning and executive functioning: cooking up larger-than-life burgers using materials found in the gym (featuring double patties, tire swing style 😋) ⁣

At the BAC, we work hard and play harder.

Call us at 781-239-0100 or visit our website to join in the fun!

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