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November Book of the Month!

Our books this month focus on one of our favorite topics - feeding and food exploration! Check out our recommendations below for both kids and adults.

For the adults: Adventures in Veggieland, written by Melanie Potock, MA CCC-SLP

🥦 Expose, Explore, and Expand! Written by award-winning author Melanie Potock MA CCC-SLP, “Adventures in Veggieland” presents a helpful plan for getting kids exposed to, exploring, and expanding their love of vegetables. ⁣ 🥦 Through crafts, creative food combinations, and even sweet treats, Potock presents 100 easy activities to get even the pickiest eaters exploring the different characteristics of each veggie. ⁣

For the kids: You are Not an Otter, also written by Melanie Potock, MA CCC-SLP! (can you tell we love her work?!)

🦍 Did you know that clams carry around favorite rocks for cracking open clamshells or that gorillas dine together? ⁣ 🦍🍌 Check out award-winning writer Melanie Potock’s latest children’s book, featured in the BAC waiting room this month. “You are Not an Otter” takes children on a yummy adventure to explore how different animals – including people! - eat in unique ways. ⁣ 🦍🍌 Potock also includes expert tips on how adults can use pretend play, food exploration, and food conversations to encourage mindful, healthy eating for their young tasters.

Both of these books will be available for parents to read in BAC waiting rooms - take a look and let us know what you think! And for more information on feeding therapy services provided by the BAC, click here!

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