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Outdoor Academics!

Summer is here and warm weather is upon us! With the change in seasons, we are going to be focusing on fun activities to incorporate your child’s OT goals… outside!!

At the BAC, we know that children learn best through PLAY! Movement fosters the development of the whole child: body, mind, and spirit. When children get sufficient input into their movement senses through active play, they demonstrate increased attention and self-regulation, which is needed for learning.

Research suggests that children need to move their bodies every 15-30 minutes. Let’s face it… in a world of virtual learning, we are all sitting more often than we used to. At the BAC, our staff are skilled at incorporating movement opportunities into telehealth sessions to support children in meeting their therapy goals.

In today’s demonstration, BAC occupational therapist, Nicole, will be combining academic skills of spelling and writing with movement!

This simple activity can be used to target Occupational Therapy goals including:

  • Visual scanning

  • Sequencing letters

  • Balance and coordination

  • Motor planning

  • Handwriting

The activity can also be modified to fit your child's developmental level!

  • For younger children, have your child jump to find the letters of their name or practice pairing letters with their sounds.

  • For older children, call out a word and have your child spell it out by jumping on the letters then practice writing with chalk.

Grab your chalk and have some fun!

The BAC occupational therapy department is dedicated to keeping children learning and moving! If you are interested in learning more about how occupational therapy can benefit your child, please email and we would be happy to put you in touch with one of our occupational therapists!

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