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Snow Activities to Target PT Goals

BAC Physical Therapist Amy Zelin writes, "Winter weather is upon us, and there’s no reason to stay stuck inside during snow season! Take the whole family outside for some fresh air and exercise. These games and gross motor activities work on strength, coordination and balance!"

1. Snow angels: Lie on your back in the snow and move your arms & legs apart and together. If your child struggles with this, start with just arm or leg movement until they can coordinate both movements.

2. Shovel: Pitch in with cleaning the driveway or patio for an upper body workout! Shoveling is also great for “heavy work” which involves the sensory system.

3. Snowball target practice: Make snowballs of different sizes. Set up targets at various distances and practice throwing overhand and underhand to hit the targets.

4. Pulling a sled: Take turns pulling a friend or family member around on a sled, for core and leg strengthening. Make it a race to the finish line!

5. Make a hopscotch path: Using footprints, make a path to navigate while jumping with both feet or hopping on one foot.

6. Play t-ball or baseball: Make a bunch of baseball sized snowballs. Using a plastic bat (or pool noodle- be creative!) try to hit and smash the snowballs. Take turns being pitcher and batter.

7. Take a hike: With warm snow boots, walking through snowy woods is a great way to get some cardiovascular exercise!

8. Build a snow fort: First, outline the shape you’d like to build in the snow using a stick. Then, create “snow bricks” using molds out of tupperwear, buckets, or any other containers you have on hand. Stack your bricks along the outline to create the walls. Next, to solidify your structure, wet the snow with a spray bottle or gently pour water over it. When it freezes, you will have a strong snow fort to protect you from your enemies during your snowball fight!

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