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Stanley's Station

Want to learn about the many ways I help out at the BAC? Keep an eye out for Stanley’s Station updates right here on the BAC blog.

I love to join OT, PT and speech therapy sessions at the BAC and thought you might like the inside scoop on how I help kids work hard, have fun and reach their goals. If you’re following Boston Ability Center instagram and facebook, you already know that the BAC is all about building relationships and this my friends, is what I live for (well, relationships and snacks, of course).

First up is a physical therapy session I joined last week. BAC director and physical therapist Jan Wade wanted her friend to get as many repetitions as possible of the following sequence:

  1. Standing on the blue BOSU and squatting down to pick up one of my toys from the white bucket.

  2. Marching 5 times on the blue BOSU while holding my toy,

  3. Stepping onto the red foam stairs

  4. Alternating, one foot on each step, until she gets to the top.

  5. Throwing my toy, then telling me “Stanley, Clean Up!”

And that my friends, is where I get to shine! I run after the toy, pick it up and bring it right back to the bucket. Sometimes I miss the bucket, but I always keep trying until I get it in. And the friend, well, she really does love me and she knows how much I love to clean up my toys, which means I get treats and she does a lot of hard work on strengthening her hips and practicing tricky balancing things.

Stay tuned for more of the inside scoop on how we all work together at the BAC!

If you have questions regarding Stanley the therapy dog or Pediatric Physical Therapy at The Boston Ability Center, feel free to contact us HERE.

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