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Everyday Activities Can Include Your Child's Physical Therapy Goals!

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Your kids are busy. YOU’RE busy… we get it! Working on your child’s therapeutic goals can feel overwhelming and time-consuming. Test out these tips and tricks to promote your child’s progress on a daily basis without adding another big thing to your to-do list!

  1. Make exercise cards and have each family member choose a new exercise before dinner! Example cards can be:10 jumping jacks, bear crawl, bunny hop, frog jump, 5 squats, or 30-second dance party! These cards can include activities aimed at specific strength, balance and coordination goals for your child. FitDeck cards are a great option available on Amazon!

  2. Make yoga pose cards and have each family member choose a pose before bedtime! Check out Yoga Pretzel cards on Amazon!

  3. Take a family walk every afternoon, bring chalk and draw your own hopscotch!

  4. Have your child help bring in the groceries.

  5. Set regular “move your body breaks” throughout the day during which you can have your child choose exercise cards. Use the ones mentioned previously or make your own! These breaks can also release some energy and help your child focus better during zoom classes or other seated activities.

  6. Hula-hoop or stretch during TV commercials or shows!

  7. Have your child sit on a move-n’-sit cushion or physioball when doing zoom classes or homework to strengthen their core, and promote correct alignment.

  8. Break up board games, puzzles, or playtime by doing an exercise card before every turn. For example, game pieces can be placed at the top of the stairs with the game board at the bottom. Puzzle pieces can be placed on the other side of the room with your child doing animal walks back and forth to get pieces (bear walk, crab walk, wheelbarrow, bunny hops, etc.)

  9. Encourage your child to lay their belly on a small physioball or bosu to strengthen their core when coloring or playing on the floor.

  10. Have your child stand on a bosu ball or couch cushion/pillow with a standing desk when playing on a tablet.

  11. Decide on ___ minutes of moving your body for every 30 minutes of screen time.

If you have questions regarding physical therapy services or activities to incorporate into your child's daily routine, contact us HERE.

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