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Thank you, speech and language team!

May is "Better Hearing and Speech Month" and we are thrilled to celebrate the wonderful SLPs on staff here at the Boston Ability Center! If we know one thing, it is that every area of development is intertwined! We feel so lucky to be part of a collaborative, multi-disciplinary team that helps us to support the kiddos we work with in meeting their goals across all areas. Today we would like to thank our speech and language team by sharing some words of support from our OTs and PTs!

"I am immensely thankful for the speech therapists we have at The Boston Ability Center. I feel our BAC therapists, in particular, are incredibly client-centered. Meaning, they facilitate play and engagement in ways specific to a particular child and family. They do a fantastic job of not only addressing specific goals for the session, but also ensuring that the family feels they are a part of the therapeutic relationship and process. I continuously observe our SLPs taking the time to provide examples of opportunities for carryover at home, which come from a place of genuine compassion to increase the family’s ability to engage with their child as a FAMILY! I truly am thankful for every moment I am able to observe, co-treat, and collaborate with them."

Janine Savage, MS, OTR/L

"We are beyond grateful to have such a wonderful team of speech language pathologists at the BAC. Communication and engagement, both verbal and nonverbal, are fundamental and constant throughout our everyday lives. The SLPs at the BAC help the kids and families reach individualized/client centered goals and provide resources to enhance communication/ engagement in a meaningful, creative and fun way. Personally, I want to thank the whole SLP team for supporting me/all of us daily!"

Stephanie Kerasiotes, MS, OTR/L

"Being able to communicate with the kids we work with can often be difficult because of how we the therapist communicate with them. The speech therapists at the BAC not only teach the kids they work with but also the OTs and the PTs. It can be through teaching us sign language, using fewer words to say the same thing, or complex theory behind speech development. Whatever it is, it makes a big difference in everyone’s quality of care."

Brian Heilferty, PT, DPT

"One of my favorite parts of my job is running the Boston Ability Center social groups alongside speech-language pathologist (and my friend) Anna Harris. Together, we help children develop motor and language skills, regulate their bodies and emotions, and build friendships. I have learned SO MUCH from Anna and our fabulous team of SLPs. They are skilled, insightful, and passionate. We are all better for knowing them. Thank you, SLPs! Truly - we couldn't do it without you."

Katie Meister, MS, OTR/L

"When I began my career in OT I knew very little regarding communication development, and the impact that it has on children and their ability to interact with and explore their environment. The SLPs here at the BAC have been invaluable in my ability to not only communicate with the children here, but to adapt and help facilitate language throughout my own sessions. The more I learn from them, the more well-rounded of a therapist I become."

Megan Shaffer, MOT, OTR/L

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