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Fit Kids: BAC Olympics!

Good Afternoon Fit Kids Families!

Last week, our Fit Kids competed in the 5th running of the BAC OLYMPICS!

Warm-up: Each of our FIT Kids warmed up by running the Olympic Torch around the track and handing it off to a fellow olympian. 

Focus of the week: BAC OLYMPICS! 

The Main Events:

Rowing: Everyone competed to see who could row the farthest distance while being timed

Disc Throw: The Olympians showed us their precision and accuracy with throwing the disc to knock down as many boxes as possible in 5 throws

High Jump: Each Olympian got 3 attempts to jump as high as they could

Long Jump: Everyone got 3 attempts to jump as far forward as possible

Basketball: Each participant was timed to see how many shots they could make into the basketball net

Gymnastics: Each FIT Kid had a chance to walk across 2 balance beams on an incline and try not to fall off

Shot Put: With our balance challenged by standing on a wobble board, each Olympian had 3 trials to throw weighted balls as far as possible

Cool Down: For our cool down, we completed a running relay, passing the baton to the next athlete to make it all the way around the track. It was a race against the clock, but our FIT Kids came out on top, beating our time each trial!

All of our FIT Kids worked so hard at the BAC Olympics and it shows! Everyone walked away with multiple medals at our closing ceremony!

It was a pleasure working with all of our FIT Kids this Spring and we look forward to the start of Summer FIT Kids starting on May 15th! This summer session will run for 10 weeks. Please give our front desk staff a call to sign up or let us know via email.

Looking forward to seeing you all then,

Brian & Micayla

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