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Looking for some interesting reads? These were on our reading list these past few weeks!

Where will my son's journey take him? "There will be other answers I’ll need to help him find: guiding him toward a future that will work for him, building that future with our bare hands, if necessary. For today, though, what matters is just his love itself, the sheer deep persistence of it. My job is not to make him declare a reason for that love or to diagnose one myself. My job is simply to race alongside him, helping him make his connection."

Early Treatment for Autism is Critical

"Experts urge early identification and referral for treatment, even if a formal diagnosis (of autism) has not been confirmed." We see lots of little ones at the BAC! Give us a call at 781-239-0100 if you are interested in scheduling an evaluation.

Harvard to launch center for Autism Research

"A new research effort at Harvard University led by Harvard Medical School (HMS) is poised to identify the biologic roots and molecular changes that give rise to autism-related disorders with the goal of informing the development of better diagnostic tools and new therapies."

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