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Jumping into a new week like...

⬆️Jumping is a motor milestone that requires strength, balance, coordination, body awareness and motor planning. Here are some tips from our physical therapy team to help your child get some air! 🙌🏼⁣

⬆️Animal jumps: instead of just walking from point 🅰️to point 🅱️, model the movements of your favorite animals 🐸 🦘🐰⁣

⬆️Over, on, & up: get creative with the objects you jump over (stuffed animals, puddles 💦), jump on (bubble wrap, alphabet letters 🔠), and jump up to reach (bubbles, balloons 🎈) ⁣

⬆️Practice! Different surfaces offer unique challenges - how does it feel to jump on carpet vs. hardwood vs. soft grass vs. padded mats vs. a trampoline❓

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