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NOW AVAILABLE: Telehealth at the Boston Ability Center!

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

We hope everyone is staying well! The Boston Ability Center is excited to announce that we will begin to provide occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech-language therapy, and feeding therapy via telehealth!

If you are interested in scheduling appointments, please email In your email, please be sure to specify which therapies you are interested in receiving via telehealth and include the best phone number at which we can reach you!

Curious how OT, PT, Speech and Language, and/or Feeding Therapy services delivered via telehealth may be beneficial to you and your child? Check out the information below for just a few of the many ways telehealth can help!


  • "In-home," face to face implementation of an individualized treatment program based on your child's specific areas of need, which may include: fine motor, visual motor, gross motor, self-care (e.g. dressing, eating), self-regulation, and/or sensory processing activities and strategies

  • Activities designed specifically around materials available in your home for increased carryover

  • Child and family education, problem-solving, and implementation of home programing

  • Tours throughout your house to provide education on and recommendations for environmental modifications to assist with everyday success


  • Education on how you can use objects throughout your home to exercise

  • Instructions on how to set up and perform different exercises and stretches with supervision while you do them with your child, including real-time feedback

  • Answers to questions regarding typical development, equipment, bracing, and home exercise programs

  • Assessment of positioning in different pieces of adaptive equipment you have at home

  • Education on breathing exercises to improve pulmonary health to more sedentary individuals or those with compromised lung health

  • Education on behavioral strategies and reward systems that might need to be used at home to implement PT home exercise programs


  • Explanation of home programs and assistance for parents and their children in finding realistic ways to target therapy goals within their own home

  • Modeling and education for parents on how to provide prompts that will help their children produce targeted speech sounds

  • Observation of play interactions between parents and their children with the provision of ideas on how to expand the play or layer other therapy goals into that play (ex. expanding language, using phrases that will include target speech sounds, following directions, etc.).

  • Facilitation of play and/or dialogue between children and their siblings or other family members to target social pragmatic skills

  • Determination of progress or continued areas of difficulty for children and assistance for parents to adjust their home program appropriately

  • Provision of activities via screen sharing that will keep children engaged and motivated to work on targeted skills during their telehealth session


  • Education on seating and environmental modifications to assist with mealtime success

  • Education on preparatory postural control and stability exercises

  • Face to face virtual treatment and education on language to use and pretend food play ideas.

  • Assistance with implementation of home programing

  • Sessions during family mealtimes to help with the successful implementation of treatment strategies

Additional questions or interested in scheduling your first telehealth session? Please contact When emailing, please be sure to include the best phone number at which we can contact you. We look forward to "seeing" you soon!

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