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What is Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy is an evidence based therapeutic practice which empowers individuals to gain independence and improved quality of life through communication. Like other therapeutic fields, speech therapy is both an art and a science. The science involves 6+ years of education and clinical training in anatomy, physiology, motor learning, cognitive science, and evidence based practices in diagnosis and treatment. The art involves creating treatment plans that incorporate client interests to promote learning that is both functional and fun!

Speech therapists go by many different names, including:

  • Speech pathologists

  • Speech-language pathologists

  • Speech-language therapists

  • Speech and swallowing therapists

Even though we go by many names, we all complete the same required graduate coursework and 400+ hours of supervised fieldwork prior to beginning our practice.

What do speech therapists treat?

Speech therapists work with individuals across the entire lifespan to promote functional communication skills. At the BAC, we specialize in working with kids of all ages to address the following skills:

  • Expressive language

  • Receptive language

  • Articulation/phonology

  • Social communication

  • Play skills

  • Fluency/Stuttering

  • Voice

  • Cognitive communication

  • Feeding and swallowing

  • Aural Rehabilitation

  • Literacy

Speech language pathologists help individuals of all ability levels as their communication skills and needs develop across the lifespan. This may look like:

  • Helping a toddler use signs, words, and gestures to communicate when they are hungry

  • Helping an elementary schooler use their augmentative communication device to successfully chat with friends on the playground

  • Helping a middle schooler learn how to effectively share stories with their peers 

  • Helping a high schooler craft a grammatically correct and cohesive essay

Are you wondering if your child’s needs fall within the scope of practice of a speech therapist? Our clinicians are happy to answer your questions! Give us a call at 781-239-0100 today!

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