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Fit Kids Returns!

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Greetings from the BAC,

Last night was the start of our Spring Fit Kids session with a lot of returning faces and one new one. Everyone worked up a sweat after the week off and got right back into the groove of things. As some of our more seasoned Fit Kids return, they have begun to take small leadership roles either leading other kids in exercises, helping a friend through an obstacle, or helping set up for class. It is a pleasure to get to work with such a motivated and hardworking group. Here is a rundown of what skills and obstacles the Fit Kids conquered last night:

Warm up: To get started we all gathered around in a circle for a chance to go over everyone’s names again. With a 10 pound weighted ball, we tossed, squatted and passed the ball around making sure to say the person’s name before we gave it to them. Without asking, all the Fit Kids did a great job of making sure everyone got a turn and no one was left out.

The Main Event: Our version of America Ninja Warrior included the obstacles below, and was completed multiple times by each child.

  • Climbing the rock wall sideways approximately 20 ft without falling into the water (blue mat)

  • Jumping from the trampoline to a balance beam and walking across without taking a step off

  • Climbing up steps and descending steps of the tree house

  • Pushing a scooter with 10-20 lbs across the ground and around obstacles

  • Climbing up steps and jumping down 1 foot

  • Crash jumps off an inclined trampoline into pillows

  • Crawling under 3 hurdles without knocking them down

  • Weighted ball tosses to knock into targets

  • Inchworm walk 20 ft and then carry a 5-10 lb kettlebell to the finish line

  • Jump over the finish line into crash pads and pillows

Cool down: We did some running around the track to end the day with a game of Duck, Duck, Goose.

We look forward to seeing everyone next week and can’t wait to keep the Spring Fit Kids rolling along. As always, if at any time you have questions about FIT Kids please let us know with an email, phone call, or in person at a FIT kids session.

Have a great end to the week,

Micayla and Brian


Image at the top of this blog post is the red, white, and blue American Ninja Warrior logo with “American” crossed out and substituted for “BAC.”

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