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Fit Kids Week 7: Physioball Fun!

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

We had a fun-filled, active FIT Kids session last week focused on running, relay races, strengthening exercises on physioballs, and an endurance game holding different poses!

Warm-up: Jogging laps and team relay races

To warm up our hearts and muscles, we completed 3 jogging laps around the gym. We then broke into 2 teams and completed a running relay race, knocking the tennis ball down on our way across the gym, completing 10 jumping jacks and turning around in 10 circles to throw off our balance. We ran back with a little extra wobble in our step to pick up the tennis ball and set it back on its cone before tagging our next teammate. It was a close race and everyone made it back to the starting line, even though we were a little dizzy!

Focus of the week: Physioball Exercises & Endurance

First, we completed total body strengthening exercises seated on physioballs, including walking out with our arms on the floor while keeping our feet on the physioball, superman on the ball, standing belly to belly with a partner walking around the gym without letting the ball drop, passing the ball to the left and the right to work our abs, marching, trunk twists, sit ups, and many more! Each FIT Kid was in charge of teaching an exercise to the group and then we completed each exercise all together!

Next, in a circle as a group, we worked on our endurance by holding tall kneel, half kneel, plank, and down dog positions while rolling a ball to a partner in the circle.

Cool Down: FIT Kid-led exercises & stretches

Our FIT Kid cool down leader directed us to complete jumping jacks, crab foot high fives with a partner, and a butterfly stretch.

BAC’s PT student, Sarah, found an awesome article about the benefits of exercise for kids! See the attached link to read all about the importance of regular exercise for general health, brain function, and emotional and mental health!

Please let us know if you have any questions!

All the best,

Brian, Sarah, & Micayla

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